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          CONTACT US
          • 27th Floor, Block A, Global Harbor, 3300 Zhongshan North Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

            Tel 021 5236 0011
            Fax 021 5236 0821

          • Business service

            021 5236 0827
            or email to hyh@huayuhua.com

          • Job objective

            Please send your resume and works to the above email address
            Check job openings

          • Chairman / General manager / Brand director / Marketing officer
            Q&A on business cooperation
          • H&H always concentrates all resources on serving signed customers and using reputation to attract business. Our company does not participate in publicity competition or set up dedicated team to develop new customers. We hope sincerely that the cooperation between customers and our company is based on customers’ full understanding of H&H. Except for the essential information on the official website, we have specially organized a New Customer FAQ to answer more questions. Look forward to your calls.
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